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Grain De Beaute is the "eternal origin of beauty" living with inner desire of women who wants to be glamorous anytime and anywhere. 

Every product of Grain De Beaute is designed to complete " beauty of women" not fashion of women's fashion. They bring brightness and splendid of light from the origin nature and embody existential value of modern women who have forgotten fundamental beauty. They are made for right time, place and occasions as they are without hiding.

This is possible as Grain De Beaute interprets the fundamental beauty that "human and nature" and "technology design" have into "complex and simple", "structure and and element" and technology and tradition". Beauty should be perfectly balanced; the balance is completed by relative ratios. Grain De Beaute names this "beauty of moderation" . We also believe "the beauty of moderation" completes consumers.

Grain De Beaute focuses on selecting materials that minimize irritation of consumer's skin, planning design and colors that turn a woman into heroin, finishing with optimization of durability and feelings on the skin and concentration of handcraft. Grain De Beaute is the brand that coexist with women in the "Youth Market' where consumers stay young and active with mind and attitude not with age and appearance.

Product Essential Information

Cellulose acetate, ( Bio Degradable )
Strap and Zip 18c gold plated

23W x 16H x 8D

Worldwide Delivery FedEx

United Arab Emirates: 3-5 working days
GCC : 5-7 working days
Rest of the world: 7-10 working days


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