About us



Stories fashion found in the heart of the luxury five star Grand Hyatt hotel's lush lower lobby in 2012, successfully franchised for signature bangles by SYL SAL Y LIMON from Swiss and established as  flagship outlet from previous owners. 
Founder was impressed with this location and store, looking at potential growth of hotel retail industry so he took over this business along with SYL brand license in March 2018 and continued with SYL products with full ownership. 
Later  after moved out of corporate life from global brand in July 2018 , He decided to convert SYL store to new  concept boutique.
It was his dream for decades to establish successful concepts in Dubai, With his passion for creative and strong retail background in emerging markets through global brands Adidas, Chanel, Hidesign, Reebok and Safilo drive to work on this beautiful concept as entrepreneur.
He got inspiration from emerging designers and artisans boutiques where he visited while traveling around the world, identify to encourage and support such peoples creative collections by giving opportunities in global retail hub platform.



We take you on a memorable journey to intimate and unique stories of fashion niche, let you discover this fashion adventure stories.
We believe in the differences and distinctions of human beings and we know that fashion originates from different cultures. For this reason, we have sourced trendsetting emerging designers, brands and prominent artisans from all cultures of the world from Brazil, Egypt, Germany, France, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UAE, UK and other countries, and we have showcased this emerging brands at the boutique. One of UAE's most esteemed landmarks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Although many of the newly established creative emerging brands such as Akemi, Aujournd'Hui, Augenwaide,BioNatura Shoes, Corbo, Dorsya, Emandesign, Grain Beaute, Rakii, SYL, Tedora and Wildwood work exclusively with us in the Middle East. Every day, we are impressed by the talent of these artists and the beautiful taste of our customers, so we develop and update our collection of designers frequently, this way every new emerging designers who interested in our concept can get chance and space to sell their collections in retail platform.
 We want to introduce them to you and give them a space to see their collections. These brands, although they have most limited editions, are fashionable, trendy and affordable. Also, most of these brands are based on nature, travel and environmental protection, chosen the sustainable path as slow fashion.  We provide fantastic shopping experience to all travelers and local residence by offering bespoke fashion lifestyle brands.


We all know that today's fashion industry is involved in mass production of its products, and in most cases, quality and differentiation fall victim to the greater profits of these producers. Unlike them, we believe in our creative designers to produce unique handmade complex.

Our handmade collection is unique and creative with passion of art, carefully sourced from around the world. Each item consists of different concept, colors and shapes inspired by nature and travel, mainly focused on jewelry. Showcasing unique handmade design, you will always find something different at our boutique.


Our mission is to find these skilled talented creative emerging brands, and  bring them to limelight for niche customers who always in search of such brands in market.Currently we authorized distributor for Grain Beaute Paul Adams World , Corbo Creations, Rakii, Dorsya  and as expansion plan we soon introduce more emerging brands for our customers.
Our next launch  range from cosmetics, fragrance, lifestyle sports and kids fashion. Same time we are also proud authorized monopolized retailer for many of this emerging brands in UAE.


COVID19 impact put obstacles for everyone and we badly affected due to linked with tourism and luxury fashion but definitely not stopped us in working on new e-commerce platform supported through shopify launched in August 2020.
Now our niche audience can buy online from anywhere in the world with free shipping on selected countries. This give wider reach and exposure to all emerging brands through our digital emerging market place. Also collaborated with noon.com on selected brands for reaching local audiences taste.