Our Brands

Amber comes with beige natural leather with gold nuances,
Special editions are produced with strictly limited edition.
Made in German


Give yourself the freedom to be you everyday and collect these little enamel wonders bathed in golden bath.
Made in France

At your feet with love walk along with nature and loved ones.

Discover the signature collection inspired by the world.
Designed to create lasting memories with timeless pieces.
Be bold. Travel in style…..
Made in UK


VIGOR COLLECTION Sometimes life gives us events that divide us inside.
The VIGOR collection is inspired by the good debris that still remains and makes us much stronger than we think.
The jewelry is made of surgical steel with tempered glass and is filled with small crystals in different colors from Swarovski®.

Made in Sweden



Eternal origin of beauty.

Capturing global trends Korean fashion icon Grand Beaute, Grand Beaute was born on the basis of the assets of the parent company of 30 years of technology with the unrivaled know-how of Cellulose Acetate, which is called the fashion icon of the future. Nowadays, the use of Eco-friendly materials as fashion accessories is becoming a global trend. The Grand Beaute, which combines cellulose acetate as a creative material in a woman bag, is a fascinating design coveted by global brands.

Made in South Korea



Are you worried about metal allergies? Rakii accessories are made of SUS316L (Surgical Stainless Steel),
Bring the Japanese fashion to world with their unique design and light weight collection made of Surgical steel and Swarovski 
Accessories that go along with you in your daily life from everyday use to special days...
We will provide a product that can be used anytime, anywhere for a longer period of time.

Made in Japan

SYL is all about expressing yourself and showcasing your individuality,
Enamel hand painted  silver and gold plated bangles, designed from Swizz.
Mix of fusion and traditional fashion bangle.
SYL become now pure vintage brand not exist in designing and production.

Made in Switzerland



The French Parrot has taken inspiration from the architecture and colors of the city to create a line that blends traditional and historical monuments with urban influence.

This seasons collection shows contemporary bags with feminine qualities. The unique lines and structured design of each piece allows for versatility and functionality.

You’ll never feel idle with a French Parrot bag in hand!

Made in Italy



Waterproof  Lifestyle Shoes

Take less, and bring more.

“Elegant Travel” is our core spirit.
You need to conquer many obstacles outside and be strong enough to face everything calmly inside.
Maybe you’ll meet a downpour in Paris, all you need to do is wear VTex and take an umbrella by your side, and you can walk on the street with tourists getting less. Admiring the spectacular of Louvre, praise the beauty and wisdom. Or you can wear something warm and go outside to see the snow cover the ground in Hokkaido.

You can also be random and keep elegant at the same time.
Do not have to bring anything else like boots or slippers while going on a trip.
Besides that, you may need to attend a formal occasion or go to a temple that slippers are not allowed. All you need is a pair of VTex, and you can be free anywhere anytime, also bringing back the best experience and memories. 

Putting on your VTex, enjoy the trip.
Take less, and bring more memories.

Made in Taiwan


Handmade craftsmanship combined with natural Eco-Friendly wood.

“Plant a Billion Tree” Campaign for every product sold.
1 Sale = 1 Planted tree